Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pop-Washers™ are typically designed to relieve 0.12” of bolt stretch. That is equivalent to 100% bolt yield on a 34” grip length.

It depends on the size, but most Pop-Washers™ are less than 1” tall. For example, a 1.5” Pop-Washer™ is only 0.72” tall and a 2” Pop-Washer™ is only 0.86” tall.

Galling is a form of adhesive wear and material transfer between metallic surfaces that can occur when fastening or disassembling threaded components. This typically happens when they are under a high load, with the driving forces being adhesion and friction.

Actually, an ASTM F436 hardened washer is included in the package. Furthermore, the Pop-Washer™ can be provided with a hardness meeting the specifications for hardened washers, if your application or procedures call for it.

No, the standard Pop-Washer™ does not fit on every flange due to the extra radial clearance required by the activation socket. We can check clearances and perform a tolerance stack up analysis given your application specifics to determine if there are any use issues.

We do not send out samples, but we do have some product literature we can send you. Please contact us via the contact section of this website.

Yes,​ the Pop-Washer™ can be used twice, sometimes more depending on the loading conditions.

No, the Pop-Washer™ is designed to use off-the-shelf torque wrenches and sockets.

The load bearing area is always greater than that of the bolt.

Typically,​ we use a hardness of 32 to 38 HRC. However, if you have a special need, we can bring the hardness up to anything that is needed through heat treatment.

The material we use has a minimum yield strength of 110 ksi, so greater than that of the bolt. The Pop-Washer™ is designed to handle any load a typical B16 bolt can handle.

We​ state typical temperature limits of around 800ºF, and this is Pop-Washer™ temperature, not process temperature. Above that, we would want to look at the loadings and application before signing off on it. Much higher temperatures can be accommodated by using different metallurgy, but those are application specific.

The Pop-Washer™ is designed to handle any load that a typical B16 bolt is able to handle. The load-bearing area of the Pop-Washer is greater than that of the bolt, and it is made out of a stronger material. So any loading the bolt can take, the Pop-Washer™ can also take.

We are focusing on bolt diameter sizes that range from 1” to 4”, but we can accommodate additional bolt diameter sizes when required.

About 80% to 150% of the torque applied to the nut.

Pop-Washer™ passed a vibration-resistance test in accordance with MIL-STD-1372-7A. The slip surfaces on the Pop-Washer are parallel, while those of the nut are sloped. So, the nut would vibrate loose before the Pop-Washer™.

Our standard material is AISI 4340, which is a low alloy steel that has been heat-treated and stress relieved. Other materials and heat treatments can be employed if your application has special requirements.

Our​ typical lead time is 4 – 6 weeks. However, expedited orders can be accommodated under special circumstances.

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Pop-Washer™: How It Works

Pop-Washer™ could save your organization a lot of time and money, because it does something that no other product on the market can do: and that’s completely eliminate costly and unscheduled maintenance delays caused by seized nuts. And here’s how:

Pop-Washers are installed under the nut like a regular washer. The nut is then torqued as usual. The benefit of the Pop-Washer is realized when the bolts are disassembled. Nuts seize when they are loosened under load. The solution to preventing seized nuts is to not turn the nut under load, but turn the Pop-Washer.

A standard socket and wrench is fitted over the Pop-Washer™ and in a tenth of a turn, the Pop-Washer™ releases all the load in the bolt. With the load in the bolt instantly released, the nut easily turns by hand, without galling. Contact us for any questions you may have.

What is Galling?

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