Pop-Washer™ Case Study

Use on Delayed Coker Unit (DCU)

Martinez, CA – A refinery owner needed a safer, faster, and better method to breakout their critical path DCU flanges. The DCU cycled from 150°F to 900°F every 18 hours and breakout had traditionally been a dangerous and dreaded challenge. Operators had to rely on torches and nut splitters to remove seized nuts every breakout. They chose to install the patented Pop-Washer™ technology developed by INTEGRA Technologies on one of their four units. Watch the video to learn more:

Results with Pop-Washer™:

Pop-Washer™: How It Works

Pop-Washer™ could save your organization a lot of time and money, because it does something that no other product on the market can do: and that’s completely eliminate costly and unscheduled maintenance delays caused by seized nuts. And here’s how:

Pop-Washers are installed under the nut like a regular washer. The nut is then torqued as usual. The benefit of the Pop-Washer is realized when the bolts are disassembled. Nuts seize when they are loosened under load. The solution to preventing seized nuts is to not turn the nut under load, but turn the Pop-Washer.

A standard socket and wrench is fitted over the Pop-Washer™ and in a tenth of a turn, the Pop-Washer™ releases all the load in the bolt. With the load in the bolt instantly released, the nut easily turns by hand, without galling. Contact us for any questions you may have.

INTEGRA Technologies

Pop-Washer™ was developed from over 30 years service experience.

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