Eliminate Seized Nuts

Pop-Washer™ is a patented technology designed to speed up and simplify the disassembly of bolted joints while eliminating the need for costly measures to remedy galled and seized components.

Proven Industry Results

Eliminate Seized Nuts

What if you could ensure your assets breakout the same way, every time?
That means no surprises.

Pop-Washer™ removes all load in 1/10th of a turn – and gives you Certainty of Outcome with no galled or seized components.

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Simplified Disassembly

To disassemble, simply turn the Pop-Washer™ until it pops, the bolt load will be removed, and the nut may be turned off by hand. And best of all, the Pop-Washer™ uses standard off-the-shelf equipment and parts.

Why should I install Pop-Washer™?

Installing Pop-Washer™ on your critical bolted assemblies will provide you with Certainty of Outcome, by eliminating seized nuts and ensuring your critical path schedule is met. With both skilled labor and time at a premium, reduce headaches caused by emergency mobilizations and budget overruns to solve unexpected problems. Keep your workforce safe, protect your valuable assets, and ensure the job gets done on-time, every time.

How It Works

1. Install Like Regular Washer

Pop-Washer™ is installed under the nut like a regular washer. The nut is then torqued as usual.

2.Turn the Pop-Washer™

A standard socket and wrench is fitted over the Pop-Washer™. In 1/10th of a turn, the Pop-Washer™ releases all load in the bolt.

3. Load is Instantly Released

All load is now removed – you can see this by the gap that opens between the Pop-Washer™ and the nut.

4. Run the Nut Off

With the load in the bolt instantly released, the nut easily turns without galling.

Case Study: Over 1,000,000 Hours

Learn more about how Pop-Washer™ resulted in a 78% reduction in breakout time on a Delayed Coker Unit (DCU).

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